Coffee & roasted almond cake.

Hello everybody..!!

Greetings from ‘A pinch of lyfe’.

It’s Sunday – funday. Day of doing things of your choice. Getting up late or going out early in morning. Skip making even routine breakfast or making a lavish treat for the same! Leaving the routine and living the leisure time. You know, since yesterday I was planning to make this weekend worthwhile unlike my last 2/3 weekends. For that, did preparation for today’s breakfast last night, woke up early, got the daily routine done in faster mode and attended a lovely web-sassion on Hindi film music. Lovely it was!! Mind is fully charged now and I’m writing the recipe of the delicious tea cake I have made last night for today’s breakfast along with simple bread toasts.

That’s coffee again. πŸ˜„ Ask me the flavours I would love to bake (or have) and first names come to mind always are coffee and chocolate. Coffee is bae – like my lovely friend Binali says always. I have combined it this time with on more favourite flavour – roasted almonds. I love love love that slightly bitter taste of it. And when it gets combined with coffee… heaven..!!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

I actually loved the taste of my Coffee and roasted almond cake. If you too wanna try, please check the recipe following below. I am sure, you would love to try it again and again if you too are a coffee lover and slightly bitter and mildly sweeter is your type of taste.

Category – Dessert.
Preparation time – 30 minutes.
Baking time – 30 minutes.


All purpose flour – 1 + 1/4 cup. (1 Cup = 200ml).
Condensed milk – 200 grams. (1 small tin).
Butter – 50 grams.
Instant coffee powder – 1 to 1.5 TBSP.
Baking powder – 1 TSP.
Baking soda – 1/2 TSP.
Vanilla extract- 1 TSP.
Olive oil – 1 TBSP.
Chopped roasted almonds – 1/3 cup.
Salt – a pinch of.

Detections :

Take 1/3 cup Almonds in a tray and roast them on the lowest temperature your microwave offers. I have roasted on 100 degree Celsius for 15 minutes approx to get it done. Let them cool down completely and then chop nicely.

In a cup, take 1 to 1.5 TBSP instant coffee powder. It depends on how strong taste of coffee you would like to have. I have added little more than 1 TBSP as I love that prominent bitter taste of coffee. Pour 2 to 3 TBSP boiling water over it. Give it a nice stir. Your coffee decoction is ready.

Take a tin full of condensed milk and butter in a big size bawl. Both should be having room temperature. Mix both of them with the help of electric beater or a wire whisk. Whisk it till it gets light and fluffy.

In another bawl, mix all the dry ingredients – flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. If you have used slated butter like me, then skip adding salt here. Sift everything 3/4 times.

Now get back to your wet mixture and add vanilla extract, coffee decoction and 1 TBSP olive oil in it. Adding olive oil is optional though, but I always feel that it gives a nice glaze to your cake. So specially in tea cakes, I always add one TBSP.

It’s time to set your oven for preheating. Set the temperature on 180 degree. Then grease your cake tin with butter or oil and line with a parchment paper. Lemme show you the easiest method to cut your parchment paper exactly according to your cake tin. Just see the picture below and you will get the Idea. Fold, keep on the centre, mark and cut. Isn’t it easy? 😊

Okay! Now? Start adding flour mixture in wet mixture in parts. Gradually…. Fold it nicely to make batter. If you feel that the consistency of your batter is thick, you can add 2/3 TBSP hot milk in it.

Add half of chopped roasted almonds into the batter. Mix it nicely but don’t overdo.

Now transfer your batter in the lined cake tin and sprinkle rest of chopped almonds all over the top.

Place your cake tin in preheated oven. It will take approx 30 minutes to be baked. Baking time may vary according the thickness of your cake and also the size of your oven. Check it with the help of tooth pic. If it comes out clean, your cake is ready.
Take it out of oven. Let it cool down.

Unmould. Let it cool down completely until it gets room temperature.

Cut the pieces of your desired size. Dig in..πŸ’•πŸ˜„

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