Saga of woven cords – Saaree umar humein sang rahena hai..

Movie – Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Singer – Kishore Kumar. Composer – R. D. Burman. Lyricist – Anand Bakshi.

“Jab se meri aankhon se ho gai tu door..
Tab se saare jeevan ke sapne hai choor..
Aankhon men neend na..
man main chaina hai..”

Hindi film music has a big treasure of such melodies depicting the piercing pain of parting.
…Is that so??
Well.. Not really. When you listen the last line of the same stanza, it moves you deep within. Tell me, how many songs you have listened earlier and even later wherein a brother is yearning for his younger sister to this much extent?!

‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ brought a lot to think and feel for the society in early 70s. So many subjects to cover in a single commercial movie! Misled youths devastating themselves in drugs, woes of broken marriages and sliced families, increasing issue of smuggling of our heritage masterpieces and all that in a completely commercial movie! The film was a smashing hit. And the reasons behind that in my opinion were undoubtedly its music, flaunting presence of that debutant diva – Zeenat Aman and quite a touching storyline.
A misunderstood, lonesome lassie splitted from her loved ones flies far away from all fake relations and tries to alleviate her pain with the help of drugs and some unknown friends gravely detached from the society just like her!
And there comes her angel – her brother who used to be one and only loving, caring, warming and blaming person in her life…

Whenever I watch this movie, the thing moves me the most is those pinning efforts of Prashant – Dev Anand to fetch back his sister to the life again.! Climax and also the end of this movie is so much saddening. This song startles you and leaves an everlasting emotion in your heart.

Kishore Kumar starts humming and something starts pulsating restlessly inside you with those gentle strums on guitar and so subtle sound of bongo. As Kishor Kumar repeats the same notes, you feel that something in you too is melting with that rendition and you too feel a lump chocking your throat just as Janice – Zeenat Aman feels when she listens the most loved and cherished words and dhun of her life till that moment.
“Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai
Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai
Saaree umar humein sang rehna hai…”

Soon the song completely takes over you and even you miss to notice that corners of your eyes are welling now..
In interlude, that haunting notes of guitar and violins forecast to happen something too bad and sad in coming moments but soon that flute brings you back there where Anand Bakshi’s pen leaves you struggling to hold all the water inside your eyes only.
“Jab se meri aankhon se ho gayi tu door
Tab se saare jeevan ke sapne hain choor
Aankhon mein neend na man mein chaina hai
Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai
Saaree umar humein sang rehna hai..”

Those tweeting notes of flute played along with hearty voice of Kishore Kumar sounds as if someone splashes the drops of water to the fainted mindset of Janice and those so fond memories of her childhood flash back to her! Her eyes restlessly search where the song is coming from and she finally gets a glimpse of her brother singing..
“Dekho hum-tum dono hai ek daali ke phool..
Main na bhoola tumko tu mujh ko gai bhool..
Aa mere paas aa kahe jo kahena hai…
Ek hazaaron mein meri bahena hai..”

It stuns her..! She stands still..! And ultimately takes that anesthetic escape to calm the poignant pang deafening her senses.

In last interlude, that sobbing notes of violin, numbing bell sound, swaying violins and strumming guitar take the feel of poignance at its peak and Janice takes that last ‘dam’ of her life.. She rushes there where her brother is, stops for a while and comes closer giving him a deadening gaze.. Drug overdose picks her from present and takes her back to the most blissful moments of her life where her loving little brother has held her on his back..
“Phoolon ka taaron ka sab ka kahena hai..
Ek hazaaron men meri bahena hai..
Saree umar humen sang rahena hai.. “

I equally love the childhood version of this song. Lataji sounds immensely adorable and Pancham too gives his lovely little share singing two lines here. HFM has hundreds or even more kasme-vaade songs, but to me, this classic remains the most affectionable always..

8 thoughts on “Saga of woven cords – Saaree umar humein sang rahena hai..

  1. Superbly written, Archana. Quite poignant. Really, the relations other than romantic feature no more in the films.

    Interestingly , this is a rare tandem where different singers yet same character in different life stage.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wow ! New way to see a song !
    Just go through your words about that song, that’s all… No need of video… Narrated very nicely …
    Keep going 👌👍

    Liked by 1 person

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